Realizing the child support vision

About Align

CITI’s Child Support Solution, Align, is designed to empower agencies and governments to align with parents toward a common goal− the well-being of their children.

Streamlined Features for Better Outcomes
Align is powered by Empower - CITI’s robust and versatile platform for Health and Human Services. Align’s automated, streamlined features can help you reduce cost, improve productivity, deliver timely and secure payments to custodial parents, and help caseworkers focus on providing a hassle-free child support experience.

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Child Support Life-cycle

Why Align

Changing social dynamics, rising incarceration rates, parental alienation due to growing child support debts, and a volatile economy make it difficult to maintain a steady stream of payments. Using new and innovative technology , Align fosters an approach of involvement rather than enforcement to help agencies encourage  parents toward a shared mission while ensuring continuity of financial support. Align addresses every possible child support scenario, keeps costs down, and helps deliver the Child Support mission: that every child receives the support, participation, and love of both parents.

Align Benefits

Align manages all child support scenarios and assists agencies in providing benefits to:

  • Divorced, Separated, or Unmarried Couples bound by law to share the costs.
  • Teenage Mothers whose fathers are usually noncustodial and unable to pay child support.
  • Disabled Adult Children who are deemed incapable of earning a livelihood.
  • Step-Parents who have legally adopted or are willing to adopt the child.
  • Legal Guardians who are financially unable to provide for the child.


  • Comprehensive State Disbursement Unit (SDU)
  • Faster and Secure Interstate Payments
  • Enhanced Enforcement Features with Analytics
  • Unified Case Intake
  • Role and User Management
  • Reduce Time and Complexity
  • Easy Implementation and Training
  • Integrated Imaging and Scanning
  • Modular and Customizable Architecture
  • Reduced Training Curve
  • Data Warehousing and Interoperability
  • Low Cost and Effort of Implementation
  • 24x7 Customer Service Help Line

Cutting-edge Technology


Case management on the cloud


Effective Mobility


Dynamic process management


Personalized reporting tools



Sustained alignment and participation in co-parenting activities.


Integration engine for effective information sharing with state and federal agencies.


Improved communication between caseworkers, families, and agencies.


Enhanced service experience for caseworkers and families.


Reliable, secure, and timely payments through State Disbursement Unit (SDU).


Faster and accurate decision-making for enforcement and modifying child support orders.


Customer journey mapping with analytics and predictive modeling for operational excellence.


Automated workflow processes for optimized service delivery.

Versatile Payment Management

Align’s comprehensive payment and financial management system:

  • Follows the highest security and compliance protocols with state and federal regulatory laws.
  • Offers convenience by allowing scheduled or unscheduled electronic and manual transactions anywhere in the U.S.
  • Allows easy customization of Support Orders.
  • Extends complete transparency and information sharing with governing authorities such as TANF and the State Treasury.
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