Compliant and Efficient Child Support


There has been a paradigm shift in family structures and their associated challenges, such as financial stability and other support resources that affect family self-sufficiency and well-being of children. With our Child Support solution, we strive to go beyond meeting basic needs and seek to improve children’s lives. The solution maximizes financial stability and removes barriers to consistent, timely, and required financial support, encouraging growth, opportunity, and safety for children.

Modernization to support efficiency, effectiveness, and positive outcomes

To further support our vision, we provide a comprehensive and resilient approach to both family sufficiency and child well-being. We help states modernize their Child Support Enforcement Systems and Policies to promote flexibility and efficiency, supporting just and positive outcomes for families.

We utilize new and innovative technology to empower agencies and governments to address every possible child support scenario, keep costs down, direct parents toward a shared mission, and ensure continuity of child support.

Our solution is built on key tenets from the Final Rule in 2016 and supports the Federal Office of Child Support’s core mission, which includes providing a modular and modern approach to the key areas illustrated in the diagram below.


Child Support Life-cycle

Shift from ‘Enforcement’ to Human Centric Model

To support new family structures and go beyond enforcement activities, we use a customer centric approach. By incorporating community resources, smart case management, case segmentation, and customer journey mapping, there is a continuum of insights, assignments, data and metrics, tracking, enforcement, and customer service delivery. We help you gain valuable insight to better guide customers through rigid processes that lead to the best outcomes for families and children.